Size: 36" x 18"

Second year in production!

Here is the 2015 edition of the Moon Calendar Poster that (in the previous year) has been acclaimed as the best of them all by astronomers, educators, and casual observers!

This finely detailed poster shows in monthly columns how the Moon will appear to North American observers for every date of the year. The Moon's path through the constellations is tracked daily, along with dates of close passages near bright stars and planets. Moon phases are depicted in fine photo-realistic images with shadowed craters. Lunar eclipses are spectacularly portrayed.  Comes with a detailed User's Guide.

Makes an impressive gift item, or can be an attractive
decoration for your home, office, or observatory!

2015 Moon Calendar Poster

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2015 Moon Calendar Poster

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The 2015 Moon Calendar Poster by Ashland Astronomy Studio is for the year 2015. It shows moon phases just like any lunar calendar should. So itís a moon phase calendar that tells you what the moon phases are for the entire year. Suppose you want to know: when is the full moon? You may, for instance, want to know when the next full moon will be. Well! This can be your full moon calendar. It gives you the moon by date. Itís a calendar showing every moon phase for the year. You could call it a moon schedule. Some people ask: where is the moon? This moon phases calendar also shows you what constellation the moon is in every day. You can see images of moon phases and what is the moon phase. Itís a moon tracker. Youíll see the monthly moon in this moon phase calendar which tracks daily moon phases. Have you ever seen the moon in perigee? Thatís known as the supermoon. This calendar of phases of the moon shows the entire moon cycle, such as the current moon phase. It also depicts when eclipses will happen. A blue moon is the second full moon that occurs in the same calendar month. In astronomy, the terms perigee, apogee, ascending node, descending node, and declination, all have applicability to the moon. Youíll see symbols for these on this astronomy poster. Any stargazing stargazer who loves the night sky will see that the moon has frequent conjunctions with bright stars and planets, which are also shown on this moon chart.