Size: 9" x 12"
128 pages

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to gaze back at the Sun from Alpha Centauri? What did the starry skies of Africa look like to our hominid ancestors who roamed the Earth millions of years ago?  How would planets orbiting other stars appear to us if we flew over them? Where might we discover other planets that truly resemble Earth and what would it be like to stand on the shores of their oceans?

These spectacular scenes and many more await your exploration!  Finder charts are also provided so that stars and constellations can be identified.

Narrated in the manner of a "travel book" and vividly illustrated, Vistas of Many Worlds is an original approach to learning about our place in the universe and contemplating the vast possibilities beyond the frontiers of knowledge. 

Take a journey through space and time
in this far-reaching Galactic adventure!

Vistas of Many Worlds

Ships to anywhere on Earth!

“Vistas of Many Worlds is a true gem… Anderson’s photorealistic computer-generated illustrations are lush and intriguing, and he does an excellent job combining speculation with scientific knowledge.”

Jason Major, Universe Today

“Anderson’s text is absorbing ... but the artwork steals the show on many of these pages, for he’s been meticulous at recreating the sky as it would appear from other star systems.”

Paul Gilster, Centauri Dreams

“Delightful and richly-illustrated ... a fun and easy read that stimulates your imagination.”

Ethan Siegel, Starts with a Bang!

“If you are an astronomer or even an astronomer at heart, this is the book for you.”

Portland Book Review

“This book does something hard to do: it captures the sense of wonder that drives many of us to an interest in science, without playing fast and loose with facts.”

Reader Review

“Quite simply, stunning. ... It is not a hurry-up-and-read-it book. This coffee-table treat is one to read by the fire, with a cup of hot tea and a cat on the lap.”

Reader Review

A cool thing to show your kid...  Gizzard Stone


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